Blessed In Doubles take on the beautiful Vanuatu

On the 9th of December with about a weeks notice we decided it would be a FAB idea to head to the beautiful Island of Vanuatu for a quick holiday, right before all the madness of the festive season hit and boy oh boy we picked the perfect time to go. We had beautiful weather apart from the very last day when we were leaving anyway. And our resort was nice and quiet with everyone due to arrive the week after we left, BONUS!

The morning of departure was hectic as per usual because Hubby had to quickly dash off to White Cross with Henry because got an infected finger the day before we left (timing aye!) and we didn't want to risk going over with no antibiotics. But after all the stress and rush we all made it to the airport in one piece, not forgetting anything and with plenty of time PHEW! We checked in with Air Vanuatu who were amazing and gave us an entire row to ourselves. It's just a quick 3 hour flight so absolutely perfect, especially for young families like ours. It's also a full service flight so we pre ordered our Vegetarian Vegan meals and got served first which was nice. Air Vanuatu also have WIFI on board and access to their free In Flight entertainment app which we downloaded before the flight. The flight attendants were lovely and so helpful, even more so on our way home. A special mention and shoutout to Minnie you were amazing! Mum tip for flights download Netflix and download heaps of their fav movies and shows because you can play them offline! YASSSSS!

In just 3 short hours we arrived and the babies travelled so well, it was a 1pmish flight so they were all cool, calm and collected considering LOL! So if you are going to travel with little one I would 100% recommend paying that little bit extra for the flights with good timings because our flight home was HECTIC! We got off the plane to sun and a warm breeze in the air it was such an amazing feeling seeing all the greenery and I instantly felt at peace and relaxed. We caught the Adventures in Paradise Shuttle to our resort Warwick Le Lagon which is only about 15 minutes from the Airport. I highly recommend using them, on arrival they were so helpful they grabbed our bags and scooped up the kiddies and we were on our way. On the ride there, we had a lovely lady who acted as a tour guide. She told us all the ins and outs, where to go, where to change our money if we needed to and all the little things we wouldn't have known if it wasn't for her, so super helpful.

We had the warmest welcome on arrival to Warwick Le Lagon with beautiful fresh coconuts mine and Noah's favourite and mocktails for everyone else. The resort is absolutely amazing like probably one of the nicest resorts we have stayed in, decked out have with 5 different options for eating and an amazing buffet breakfast every single morning. They have an amazing Day Spa, Watersports with Kayaks, Paddle boards and Boats you can use at your leisure. The lagoon is beautiful and so amazing for snorkelling so make sure you pack your Aqua shoes, the starfish are so big and beautiful and they are everywhere. There is so much to do with 4 pools to choose from and there are so many places to relax and lots of activities every single day.

They also have an incredible kids club, it was decked out with a games room, movie room and a massive outdoor play area similar to Chipmunks or Lollipops play land (wow face I know right). The boys loved us taking them to play. 3 and over can go in the kids club for free for as long or as little as they want and they open nice and early and close late at night. The boys were a bit hesitant to go when we first got there so they only went in a couple of times while we were there which was a shame. In hindsight we would have just paid the little bit extra for 2 nannies everyday and had time with them alone and then got the Nannies to take care of the kids while Hubby and I had dedicated time together. Harlow and Noah had their own Nanny a couple of time and in the end we just ended up getting the boys a Nanny as well so we could go out for a beautiful sunset dinner and the babes were happy as and asleep when we got home that night apart from Harlow of course, she's such a Mama's girl. Oh and I can't forget Kids eat for free which was absolutely amazing and saved us so much money, I mean 4 kids and free food YES, WINNING!

We spent most of our time swimming in the pool and eating, we even had a few sneaky cocktails and although the Resort had everything we could need we still got went out for the day to town and explored. We went to the fruit and vege market and OMG sooooo good its all Organic and freshly picked I wish we had all the fruit and vege they do here! We went to Mama's market grabbed a cider and took the kiddies to the park and best part was it was only a 5 minute trip from the resort. We also went to Hideaway Island for half a day which was incredibly beautiful with crystal clear water and delicious pineapple smoothies.

If you are wanting an incredible family holiday or even a couples getaway we absolutely loved Vanuatu and would highly recommend it. It's definitely a lot cheaper than other islands we have been to in regards to food and drinks which we was a nice surprise. It's the perfect destination if you want a holiday where you can relax, eat incredible food, swim and just enjoy taking time out.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below I am more than happy to answer them. And to see more make sure you check out our Vanuatu Vlog here.

Stay Blessed,

Zoe xx

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