YOU decide who YOU want to be!

I know that a lot of people think that I dislike or hate myself or my body because they tell me in the messages they send to me and in subliminal posts which I personally think is a disgusting way to behave towards other Women, PERIOD! I get Botox and want to get Plastic surgery for me because I want to improve and grow. Of course, we all have our moments where pangs of self-doubt and old insecurities arise but I am pretty sure everyone has those moments now and then, we are only human after all. I know there are people out there that hate the way they look so they do things because it will make them more secure and confident in themselves and who are we to judge. I do whatever I do because it enhances what I already have, it makes me feel good whether its Eyelash extensions, botox, fake tanning or whatever. We should be doing things that make us feel good, not, not doing them because we are afraid of what people may think.

We live in a day and age where we are constantly told we are not good enough. And then when we do things for ourselves (and no one else) to enhance, change or alter our body or appearance we are ridiculed for it. I have personally experienced the judgement, the ridicule and the wrath of people that are obviously dealing with their own insecurities and it did knock my confidence, it made me question my decisions even when I knew this is exactly what I wanted. 

First off let me just say that I totally understand and get that Botox, fillers and plastic surgery is not for everyone and it doesn’t have to be. I’m not here to convert anyone, I’m simply here to share and document my own experience for anyone else out there who may be thinking or feeling the same way I did. It’s for the women and men who are so afraid of judgement that they aren’t living their life to their full potential and they are doing what they think might make them happy. It could be something as small as not wearing the clothes they want to or as big as wanting to get plastic surgery it doesn’t matter how big or small it is just as important.

I am at what I would consider the very beginning of my cosmetic journey and there are so many factors that have lead me to walk down this path. I have spent years contemplating, researching and discussing every single decision I have made and will make with the people who I know will love and support me on this journey. To me this was a HUGE decision and step this is my face and my body and it’s not something that I would ever just do or jump at the opportunity because it’s free because trust me I’ve been offered tens of thousands of dollars worth of treatments and surgeries and I had turned down most of it. Everything I do has to align with what I believe in, I have to LOVE their brand and absolutely believe in it.

Botox and fillers have always been something that I knew I wanted and would get it was just a matter of when and where. Since I was 18 I knew I wanted to get my lips done I loved the shape of them but always longed for fuller lips. Since having children all those sleep deprived nights have aged me so much and when my frown line started to become more prominent i knew it was time to do something. 

Deciding on where to go was big for me! It just had to feel right. I went to a few places for consults and I instantly clicked with Sarah the owner of Luxe Body Orakei. First appearance I thought she was absolutely stunning, she didn’t look “done” which was the most important thing to me as I have only ever wanted to enhance my natural beauty. I knew straight away that this is who I would put my trust in. I 100% recommend the girls at Luxe Body, they are so professional, they know their shit and they would NEVER do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing which I love!! The environment is beautiful, it’s inviting and it makes you feel at ease straight away!

For my very first time I decided to get a little bit of Botox in my frown line and forehead and 0.6ml of Filler put in my lips. Honestly I was instantly in love with my lips and next time I will 100% be going to full ML they look natural and everyone comments on how amazing they look. After a week my Botox started to set in and I’m obsessed with the results to say the least. 

I have recently just had my second lot of 4 monthly Botox injections and this time I went with a little bit less. I still have movement and my face isn’t frozen, people say they wouldn’t even notice that I’ve had anything done and that’s what I love. I just look refreshed and still just like me but have said bye bye to frown lines and forehead wrinkles and hello to slightly fuller lips. The other day I saw a comment “free the needle” and it bloody cracked me up! Free the needle, the nipple and your mind to do and be whoever you choose!

I have never ever thought I better get this done because I am afraid of what anyone else thinks of me or because it’s the in thing to do. Everything I do, I do for myself to improve me, my quality of life and my self esteem. I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about the fact that people think you are a hypocrite or that you don’t have the right to talk or promote self love if you get any work done which is absolute BULLSHIT! I’m calling it! You can love yourself and want to improve on what you already have. We all have our insecurities no one is perfect and we shouldn’t be made to feel bad or any less for wanting to do things for ourselves.

My wish for anyone reading this blog is that you feel empowered to make conscious and informed decisions and that you feel safe and supported to do so. I encourage anyone to do their research on the things that they think will make their life better! And I truly believe that the world would be a better place if people thought more about their actions, the words they speak and the judgement they place upon others. If it is going to have a negative impact on anyone then just leave it alone!

Lots of love and light,

Mama Zoe xx

Here's me loving and embracing my body, it doesn't mean I don't have insecurities and it doesn't bloody well mean I shouldn't be promoting SELF LOVE, If anything it's more reason to promote it!

Here's me loving and embracing my body, it doesn't mean I don't have insecurities and it doesn't bloody well mean I shouldn't be promoting SELF LOVE, If anything it's more reason to promote it!