Let's worry less about what others think of us, and more about what we think of ourselves!

It took me a really long time to form an excellent opinion of myself. To say I am worthy is one thing but to feel it is a different ball game. The things I have done no longer define who I am, I get to decide exactly who I am and know it each and every day.

When it came to other people’s opinions, it took me a while to catch up. I use to worry about what people thought of me and about what they would say about me or to me if I spoke my truth. It affected the things I would wear, write and say it was almost like I was living a filtered life because I was so consumed with not wanting to offend or hurt anyone's feelings. But staying true to who we and speaking our truth with a kind heart is the greatest power we have and we should never be made to feel bad about it.

We can’t change the way people see us or the opinions they form about us so really their opinions actually don’t matter! The sooner I realised that the happier I became. I was so fixated on trying to please people I completely forgot who I was because I was a filtered down version of myself.

Instead of worrying about other peoples opinions I decided to form the most amazing and true opinion of myself. Give yourself the love that you deserve and anything else that doesn't serve you CYAAAAAA!!

I hope this helps you today and I hope you realise how amazing you are no matter what!