Keeping the GOODS, GOOD with Milk N Cookies!

Lots of questions recently about the Lactation Cookies from Milk N Cookies that I have been munching down on for the last couple of months so I thought I would write you a little blog answering all your questions and leave it here for you all to refer back to.

So what are they and how did you discover them? They are homemade Lactation Cookies made by an incredible Mama Julie and they have been especially made to boost your Milk Supply. I found them in Instagram, they are also on Facebook.

Is there just one flavour? NO WAY, there is an overwhelming range of delicious flavours 11 to be exact and they even have Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan options YES! 


Do they help with my milk supply? YES! 110%! I was pretty skeptical when I first got them because I wondered how much they would actually help me. The results were amazing, I ate 3 cookies in one day and the next day I noticed an increase in supply after polishing off the bag I had a huge increase in my supply so much I was leaking.

When do I use them? Whenever I want really. If I need a boost or I want to go out and I need to express then I eat a few at once and notice an increase in supply straight away.


Do they taste good? OMG yes, so good that I've eaten an entire bag in 24 hours! They are actually delicious and really addictive even my boys love them.

What flavours do you recommend? I have only tried the Vegan Options which are Rasberry and Dark Chocolate and Rasberry and White Chocolate and I love them both but deep down I am a White Chocolate girl! Im going to try some other flavours so when I do I will let you know.

ENJOY LADIES! Let me know if you try them and how they go. I am so so impressed by them.

Zoe xx