Medela Swing Maxi Review

Expressing was a huge part of my life when I was breastfeeding Henry and Theo and even more so now with Harlow and Noah, even at 6 months old I still express at least once a day. I use the Medela Swing Maxi which is a Double Electric Pump, it can also be used as a single pump if needed. These are the reasons why I love it so much and a little bit about my expressing journey.

My breastfeeding journey is one that I am extremely proud of, it definitely hasn't been easy but it 100% has been worth it and knowing what I know now I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Knowing that I have fought so hard to exclusively breastfeed both sets of twin is something that I will always cherish and something that I am incredibly passionate about sharing my experience in hope that I may help my fellow Mamas out there. In saying that Pumping has also been a huge part of my Breastfeeding journey and again it is also something I am extremely proud to do. In comparison to breast feeding its not really a subject that is really talked about so let talk about it more!

I started expressing on the same day all of our babies were born. I did it for multiple reasons, these were to bring my milk in faster, help build a strong milk supply, to top up the babies and to have stored milk on hand when I needed it (not if when lol). I helped build a great milk supply through expressing and I love knowing that I was able to top up the babies with Expressed Milk in the early stages so they were always happy, full and content and it was also great knowing they were happy to take a bottle. I also love having expressed Milk stored in the freezer for times when I am tired or need a break and 6 months later I still express every night so if I want to go out and do something then I have the option.

Here is a little bit about the Medela Swing Maxi and why I love it so much.

  • It is so light, small and compact. It can easily fit in my hand bag so I can take it anywhere with me.
  • You can use a power point and plug it in or it also takes batteries so you can literally express anywhere anytime.
  • It has a clip on the back so you can attach it to whatever you are wearing and walk around with it while expressing.
  • Its a 2 phase breast pump (I had no idea these even existed). So in short it means that when you switch it on its starts with a short fast stimulation phase the way a baby would to encourage the let down of milk and then with a press of a button you can change it to a slower expression phase for efficient milk removal.
  • It has different vacuum levels which you can adjust for your own comfort.
  • You easily switch it on and off with the press of a button.
  • There are five different sized breast shields to choose from (which is great because us gals know that no two nipples are the same LOL)

All in all I love it and only wish I had discovered it sooner. It definitely ticks all the boxes for me and I would 100% recommend it to anyone who asks.

Another thing I wanted to add was that if you aren't able to breastfeed for whatever reason but have the supply and support please know that exclusively pumping is also an option for you. I know of Women who have successfully done it so know that you have other options.

Please know that this blog is my own personal experience and opinion, if you have any questions I will try my best to answer them but it is always best you consult with your chosen medical or health professional.

Happy Expressing and Feeding Mama's.

Zoe xx