Self Love

Who came up with the idea to put what's beautiful and what's not into categories? Why is our constant drive and motivation to be something that we are not? Since when did it become normal for us to be ashamed of our bodies?

Not only as a mother but as a woman I have felt feelings of disgust, embarrassment and self loathing over the changes my body has gone not just through during pregnancy and post partum but just life in general. But why? It must be pretty fucking normal to have some stretch marks and saggy skin because there are millions and millions of women who have and will continue to carried life within them their bellies and even without baring children our bodies are constantly evolving and changing yet the way we look, talk about and portray post our bodies is such a taboo subject.

Why do we even have the expectation of what's normal and what isn't? Don't give anyone else the power to decide what's beautiful and what's isn't. I've decided my body is beautiful stretch marks, saggy skin, pouch and all. One day I might want to change it but if and when I do it will be my decision I won't be doing it for anyone else but myself. This is my body, and this is my normal.

Start practicing self love everyday. Look in the mirror and stare and your body look at all the parts that make you feel uncomfortable and remember how they got that way and embrace that shit with open arms. 

Zoe xx