Navigating Motherhood

A mothers works is never done it starts from the moment of conception without her even knowing it. Then she says the words "I'm pregnant" and all of a sudden what was once hers is now shared. Over time she will nourish, grow and love the life growing inside of her. Her body changes, it grows, it stretches, it aches and it does things she never knew it was capable of doing. Suddenly anything seems possible for her because it's all for the tiny delicate life she carries inside her.

No matter which way they are born, she has given birth, she has brought life into the world and no one can ever take that away from her. Whether she goes into labor spontaneously or elective, with or without drugs , Vaginal or C-Section. Whether she decides to feed her baby breast milk or formula, use cloth or disposable nappies she still births, she still feeds and she still changes her child and she does it with instinct and love.

She will lose a lot of sleep throughout her lifetime, worry will become her new best friend and she will feel guilt like never before. She will lose pieces of herself, some she will discover again and some she will lose forever, she will mourn times in her life that she once took for granted. Some days she will feel trapped and overwhelmed but of all the things she will feel she knows that these are just moments in time and they will always be outweighed by an overwhelming sense of love, pride and purpose.

Through all the obstacles she will experience on her journey the one thing she will never forget is the love she discovers, its a love that you can only dream off. It's one that brings on so many emotions the good and the bad, some she wishes she could forget and some she wishes she could replay over and over again.

It's the kind of love that can never be replaced. It's the love that will never go anywhere. This is the kind of love that will forever make her a Mother.

Zoe xx