My First Q & A Blog


Hey everyone,

My very first Q & A is here! I loved answering your questions, ENJOY!

What are your favourite toddler meals?

I would love to say we mix it up a lot... but we don’t! Our boys are creatures of habit, I try so hard to get the boys eating new things but they don’t want a bar of it. My number one trick though is hiding Veges in all of your meals. Grate and chop up anything and everything into tiny little pieces and they won’t even know!

Lentil Bolognese, Vegetarian Nachos, Stir Fry with Udon Noodles, Chickpea Curry with Rice, Butter Paneer with Rice and Naan are our go to. Also Weetbiscuits with oat milk and fruit the boys would eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner if they could.

What does your hubby do for work?

This question is one that so many people ask and are curious about because they always see him around home and wonder if he works. He is currently a Stay at Home Dad and we are all loving it especially him! The bond he has with all four of our kids is amazing and its been the biggest blessing having him home with us. Before he became a stay at home Dad he spent 6 years in the Police force and his job is currently on hold until he decides to go back. We aren’t in a rush for him to get back to work but it is on the cards.

How do we cope financially?

Another one you were all dying to know. Thanks to my blog, I am now able to make enough for us to live off. I feel extremely lucky that in this day and age we can stay home and bring the kids up and do something we love.

How did you build your social media success?

I built our social media pages by being genuine, authentic and just keeping it real and people love it because they can relate to it. I think in my case we have something different about us, we have two sets of twins and people love twins and it helps our babes are pretty damn cute (I might be bias but thats okay LOL). Being relatable has really helped, so has being vulnerable and opening up a side of my life that’s hard, showing people that not everything is perfect helps too.

I’ve also had quite a few photos and videos go viral which has also helped us as its allowed people to discover our page. In my case I have found the more we grow the more successful we become but I have never focussed on numbers, its just happened. 

How well do your twins sleep?

Both sets of twins sleep great we are very lucky. They all mostly sleep through the night. However at the moment Henry and Theo are sometimes waking up in the middle of the night as they want to sleep with Mum and Dad

What’s their sleep routine?

This question I will save for a seperate blog. Watch this space.

Advice on how to get use to your Mum Bod. Should she love it and embrace it or change it?

This is a biggie and it definitely needs its own blog too! In short I am a huge believer in embracing what you've got and learning to love yourself as you are. But also I am a huge believer in doing what makes YOU happy and if that means you want to change or alter something I am all for it. I will 100% be getting Cosmetic Surgery when the time is right. It's something I always knew I would do and its something I have thought long and hard about. I love my body but I refuse to live with saggy boobs and a massive pouch of loose skin. Watch this space!

How did we choose names for our babies?

Henry John was named after my Dad who passed away when I was 17, so his name is extremely special to me. I love saying and hearing his name because it reminds me of my Dad. His middle name is John named after one of his God Fathers.

Theo James was named by Hubby he just came home with the name and we loved it. His middle name is James after my Uncle.

Harlow Rose was named by me. We had the hardest time naming her and we couldn’t decide or make any decisions but always loved the name it was the first name on our list. And when she was about half an hour old if that I just said to Hubby what are we naming her, he told me to decide so I did and she was named. Her middle name Rose is after my best friend her name is Albertine which is a type of Rose.

Noah Luke was also named by me. I have always loved the name Noah and as you can see a bit of a trend we love biblical names. Ive always loved the story of Noah’s Ark and I wanted to name Theo, Noah but Hubby wasn’t having a bar of it and I’m so glad because Noah so suits his name. His middle name was just another name we loved.

What is that scar on your neck?

When I was 18 years old my mum discovered a lump on my neck and it was a benign tumour which means it wasn’t cancerous but it could turn cancerous. The lump was removed really quickly and so was half of my thyroid. I’ve never had to take medication, I’m super lucky because thats not always the case. I get regular check ups on it to make sure it’s working as it should and so far so good. I didn’t actually realise how serious it was at the time, I was more worried about having a big scar on my neck but in all honesty it’s never bothered me. It’s just a part of who I am now.

Will you have anymore babies?

No more babies on the cards for us and I don’t think that will ever change. As much as I love having babies I feel like I’m ready to move into the next phase of my life and I want to enjoy the babies we do have.

Is having twins genetic or coincidence?

Henry and Theo are identical and that just happens by chance apparently. Well that’s what science says. But I don’t know because I have identical twins on my Mums side and so does Junior. Fraternal twins are apparently from the Mothers side but all up my husband has about 8 sets of twins on his side.

How do you do everything you do?

I wouldn’t be able to do everything I do if hubby wasn’t home with me but in saying that although he is home its still hard as I always have so much work to do on top of being a Mum, cooking and cleaning. I make time and prioritise things that are really important to me. Henry and Theo are also in day care Monday to Friday during the day which is also a huge help. Also I have to be extremely organised to do everything I do. Everything I do is timed in with the boys at daycare and when the babies are asleep.

What motivates you to work out?

I honestly got to a point where I was like okay I have energy, the time and the babies are a bit older now and I wanted to feel better and start looking good. I eased myself into it, I definitely didn't rush or put any pressure on myself it was literally the last thing I thought about for the first few months. Now that I'm back I absolutely love it. It’s not easy all the time though, like some days I’m just like nah I’m exhausted, I can't be bothered, I haven’t slept properly or just had a hard day but I make myself go and I have never once regretted it. I always walk away feeling like I have had a weight lifted off my shoulders. It also helps that I have an amazing trainer Matt he’s always supporting me, listening to me and my body and just taking care of me. It’s not about going there and making it a really hard work out, it’s more about how it makes me feel mentally, it’s freeing! I also don’t have expectations on myself physically. If I lose weight it’s a bonus, it’s all about looking after myself and my health physically and mentally it’s not about the weight.

Thats all I have time for tonight. But I will make sure I do one of these every now and then to keep you all in the loop and updated.

Stay Blessed.

Zoe xx