Netflix and Chill

So everyone knows about Netflix and chill, but who actually knows what shows to Netflix and chill to? I do, because I shamelessly binged on all of these like there was no tomorrow.


I actually think it's actually crazy how attached I got to all these shows and the characters that are in them, like they were my friends and I was living through them! Is that weird? Surely not. Everyone does it! It's also crazy how much time I don't have but how I always seemed to find time to watch all these shows. #PRIORITIES

These are my top 5 Netflix shows to watch! There's a bit of everything in this list there's juicy gossip, mystery, super powers and a whole lot of suspense! You can thank me later. 

  1. Gossip girl
  2. Riverdale
  3. Jessica Jones
  4. 13 reasons why
  5. Orange is the new black

Let me know your favs in the comments, I'm always after a good show to watch. Ya know since I have so much time on my hands and all.


xoxo Gossip Girl, Oh I mean Zoe!