Vegan Tacos with Vegie Delights a family fav!



We had so much fun creating this Vegan Taco recipe using Vegie Delights Savoury Vegie Mince which you can find in the freezer aisle at Pak’nSave and New World supermarkets. As you can probably tell by the photos (LOL) tacos have always been a favourite in our household so it was an easy choice as our next Vegan recipe to share with you all. It’s already jammed packed with lots of protein, iron, B12 and Zinc from the Vegie Mince and we add (hide) lots of different veggies that the kids don’t even notice.

We have been meat-free for almost a year now and we have never looked back. Finding delicious MEAT FREE alternatives were lifesavers for us as we went cold turkey overnight. You don’t have to be Vegan or Vegetarian to use these, anyone can use them and I encourage anyone to try them. They are such a fab alternative to actual meat and honestly taste so delicious (and in my opinion better). By using Vegie Delights alternatives we know we are not only helping animals but also the environment and our health. We decided to cut out meat for so many different reasons (save that spiel for another blog) and it was the best decision we have ever made.

When it comes to preparing, cooking and dishing up meals I have found that giving our boys little jobs to do like breaking apart lettuce, putting different ingredients in the pan and allowing them to be involved throughout the preparation process is so good for them. It makes them feel involved and important. It also means I get to spend quality time with them when normally I would be rushing around trying to get everything done and they would be going crazy in the background. Once dinner is ready we all sit down to eat and we allow them to dish up their own meals. Having all the vegetables in they Vegie Mince mix also means that they don’t say that they don’t want or like certain things because they have just become accustomed to everything being in there.

Anyway enough from me lets get down to it. This recipe easily feeds all 6 of us so 2 adults and 4 children/toddlers (they eat more like adults though, do you feel me?) and takes about 20 minutes if that to prep and make.

For our Vegan Taco recipe you will need:

1 packet of Vegie Delights Savoury Vegie Mince (states it feeds 4 but I bulk it up to go further)

1 tsp of oil (I used coconut)

1 onion finely diced

1 capsicum finely diced (we used red)

1 large carrot grated thinly

1 cup of spinach finely chopped

1 tin of whole corn kernels

2 cans of chopped tomatoes

1 packet of taco seasoning

chopped lettuce

1 packet of stand up tacos or full lettuce leaves for a lower carb option

2-3 avocados mashed with a little bit of S+P

Vegan cheese (optional)

Fry onions in oil until soft and then add capsicum, carrot, spinach and cook and stir to soften.

Add Vegie Delights Savoury Vegie Mince and cook for a further 5 minutes then add taco seasoning mixing everything together.

Add canned tomatoes, corn kernels stirring constantly. Make sure that everything is heated through properly and once it is you are ready to serve.

Have lettuce chopped, mashed avocados and your grated vegan cheese ready all in separate bowls ready to serve.

And boom as easy as that you are ready to go!

Let your kiddies get creative, show them how it’s done with lots of positive encouragement and praise and you will get them eating all their meals in no time!

A huge thank you to Vegie Delights for sponsoring this post and for making delicious 100% Vegan alternatives

Let me know in the comments if you are feeling inspired to trying a Meat Free alternative.