Health Is Wealth


Hi my babes,

I am so glad to have you here today because I am going to take you on a little journey of all the everyday amazing Health products from Countdown that our family love. I want to change the thought that eating healthy is expensive because thanks to Countdown and their every day low prices it truly doesn’t have to be.

I met with Countdowns Dietitian Deb Sue and we walked around Countdown looking at all the different foods on offer! She introduced me to a few new things that I had seen before and we had a good look down the Health food aisle which is so so good by the way! Some of the prices really surprised me. While I was there I asked her for little tip on how to eat healthy but keep it affordable and I loved her first little tip!

To eat affordable we should be eating produce that’s in season as it will always be really affordable and available. So fruit like Apples, Grapes and Kiwifruit and Veggies like Beans, Broccoli and Carrots. By eating in season we avoid paying high prices and we get fresh quality produce!

I asked her what was one on the go snack that’s easy to prepare, delicious and also affordable! Her answer was Chia seeds! If you add 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds you will get added Protein, Good fats like Omega 3 and much much more into your diet. You can add them to Smoothies or you can make a quick easy chia pudding by adding either frozen or fruit. Keeping it simple, fresh and easy is the way to go.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.51.15 PM.png

I also wanted to show you some of our favourite Macro Organic products and how we use them.

I used to think it was super expensive to eat organic but Countdown have the amazing Macro Organic range that we love and use! I honestly love knowing that by switching up just a couple or even just one product to something Organic into a meal, it’s often fresher and has less chemicals in your meal it’s a win win!

We definitely don’t eat completely organic but just by switching up little everyday items like canned tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, pasta, soy milk makes a huge difference and it’s affordable, sometimes cheaper than other products or only a few cents more.

A few of our favourites are:

The Macro Spaghetti for only $2.50 and the Passata Sauce at only $3. Add a brown onion, grated carrots, spinach, mushrooms and lentils and you have yourself a beautiful Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese for under $15 that will easily feed 4 people.


We absolutely love the Macro Soy Milk at just $2.50 it’s so affordable and high in protein! We add it to our porridge and our smoothies.

The Frozen Fruit section is one of our favourites because there are so many different options and most of them are Locked Down at just $5. Our favourites being the Mixed Berries to add to our porridge or smoothies, the Tropical fruits and just every day snacks (you and the kids will love them) and even the Blueberries and Raspberries to make yummy healthy Ice Blocks just add a bit of Honey or Rice Syrup to some of the Soy, Almond or Rice milk pour it into Ice Block Moulds and add fresh fruit! Yummy!


If you are going to eat Corn chips let it be these ones! They are definitely a Healthier alternative and I love that they are Organic! Only $3 and trust me! Whip up some nachos or a beautiful Guacamole, you won’t regret it!

If you are looking for some healthy snacks then look no further! These delicious Macro mixes are only $1 each. They are perfect for on the go, just keep them in your bag and in the car so when you are feeling peckish you have something yummy, healthy and affordable on hand!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and most of it all I hope you got something out of it! Also a massive thank you to Countdown for sponsoring this blog and for providing us with so many amazing and affordable Health Products!

Let me know what you want to see next or please do share if you have any tips or tricks for busy Mamas.

Stay blessed,

Zoe xxxx