Happy Mother's Day


You all gather by now that I am a Man of very few words. But this requires more than a few words and I want to write this down now while it's still fresh in my mind. I can't wait to look back in 20 years and read this and remember how it all came about.

I want to begin this by saying that this has always been something I have wanted to do. I always visualised getting a Day of the Dead portrait of Zoe but it was all talk until the other day. At the end of an Instagram Live, I thought it was a good idea to ask everyone where they thought I should get Harlow and Noah's name tattooed as I already have Henry and Theo's name's. And that was when Zoe looked at me and said "excuse me you still haven't got my name yet!" and revealed that she has had my initials for 5 years. So I said "put it to a vote if you get 1000 votes, I will get your name done for as your Mother's Day Present" and within an hour she got 1000 votes so I decided to up the stakes and said "If you get 10,000 I will get your portrait done". Zoe freaked out and said "NO, I don't want my portrait" and that her name would be fine but I was like Nah let's do it! Lol. Within 24 hours the tribe had spoken and I was getting her portrait.

Within a day Zoe had organised and booked me in with Bronson at B Inked in Huapai.  I didn't believe her at first but when she showed me his account I was blown away by his work and I was starting to get excited. We found a portrait of her from a Boudoir shoot she did a couple of years ago and I was set on getting this tattooed on me. Ideas and visualisations of what I wanted it to look like started running through my mind, however, all of that went out the window when it was D-Day because as we were driving to the studio Zoe remembered she had some more portraits which were taken earlier this year and showed me. In my mind, I wanted a photo of her that would stare into my soul. She showed me a couple and I saw one that caught my eye, just like the first day I ever saw her (story to be told another day lol).

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 5.44.39 PM.png

We pulled up to B Inked with the babies in tow and were welcomed by the man himself Bronson.  I showed him the portrait that I had literally just picked out of the hundred other photos she had and told him that I wanted to incorporate a rose for Harlow and to add his smokey effect. It's hard to put into words but what I wanted but I wanted something sexy but not sexual and it had to be meaningful and eye-catching. 10 minutes later he comes back with the craziest design and that was it! 


He stencilled it up and at around 12ish we sat down and got started. It was pretty buzzy watching Bronson work, he's the man, real humble and down to earth! We had some good chats which made time go by much faster because we didn't end up finishing till 12 hours later. Seeing the finished product blew away me away, I'm still buzzing out! Safe to say I won't be going anywhere else and I better start thinking about how I want to finish my sleeve. If you need any work done you can find Bronson on Facebook and Instagram


And to Zoe. This will forever remind me of how lucky I am to have you as my best friend, Wife and Mother of our four children. Your beauty will forever be on my arm and for the people and places that I see. 


Until next time,

Blessed In Doubles Dad AKA Junior