Let's talk about Lashes

Ladies I think its time, time to have a chat about my Lashes the lashes so many of you are asking about. My lashes are from the one and only Ashley Allen Eye Lash Extensions I feel like I need to cover the subject because I get a gazillion messages every week about them and people are always wondering how I wake up looking so good (tooting my own horn here soz). So I'm going to fill you in on all the ins and outs and how I discovered my love for Eyelash Extensions.

Let me take you back to where it all began which was about week before the birth of Harlow and Noah. I had always been super curious of Eyelash Extensions because so many people I knew would get them and I loved the look but because I already had quite naturally long lashes I was so scared I would ruin them so I never ended up getting them. (In hindsight this is a serious stuff up on my part all those years I could have woken up feeling amazing are just...GONE) Looking back I couldn't have been more wrong about thinking they would ruin my natural lash, this is so far beyond what actually happens when you do a bit of research instead of listening to a few horror stories you will find when you take good care of them your natural lash will be fine. I have had my extensions on for 7 months straight with no breaks and my natural lashes are in perfect condition. And with a word of no lie Ashley herself has had hers on for 8 years and her lashes are also in excellent condition, and that there is saying something. 

Wow I get easily distracted, back to where it all started. So I needed these lashes in my life because I wasn't far off giving birth and I needed to look and feel absolutely amazing for when I gave birth so I decided to contact a beautiful family friend of mine Emma who happens to be one of the many expert Eyelash Technicians at Ashley Allen Eyelash Extensions. I asked her a whole bunch of questions which you can find the answers to here. After our conversation I felt really at ease and all my previous fears were gone. I was so excited that I booked in then and there, I got them done the week before I gave birth which I also call the week I lost my Eyelash Extension Virginity (that's how much they mean to me).

For my very first time I decided to go with a Medium Set and they were either 12mm or 13mm long (which is now way to short for me) but because I was so worried I might not like them  wanted to be safe (rookie mistake). I look back now and I have a good LOL because I usually wear an Extreme Set and get the 15mm length which is about as dramatic as it gets. I swear, hand on heart that day my life changed and I became a convert and I have never ever looked back!

This photo was taken an hour after I gave birth to Harlow and Noah naturally with NO DRUGS! Doesn't look like it though right? Those lashes gave me LIFE!

This photo was taken an hour after I gave birth to Harlow and Noah naturally with NO DRUGS! Doesn't look like it though right? Those lashes gave me LIFE!

I now get my lashes done every 3 weeks without fail, I could easily stretch it out to 4-5 weeks which I have done in the past buuuuuuut I don't. Why you may ask? Just because I'm not about that life and I may have a slight lash addiction. Every time I go I get something different, I have had it all, you name it I've done it! I've had medium sets, full sets, extreme sets, custom blends just ask me what there is, coz I'm ya girl. And if you are ever in doubt or don't know what to get the incredible girls that work there are more than happy to let you know what they think would suit your eye shape and what would look best on you. Prices do vary and they are so affordable when you average out what you spend on your lashes, then divide it over the 3-4 weeks of use you will get out of them and the time you save. To me they are such an invest because I literally wake up everyday and feel beautiful. You can check our their price list here.

I love going to Ashley Allen because in my opinion they are the best in the biz, I did so much research before deciding where to go. The response on my posts where I asked for recommendations, almost everyone who commented said Ashley Allen was the place to go. She has two beautiful stores conveniently located in Parnell and Kumeu. They use the best and safest products on the market and I adore that they are completely cruelty free. Ashley is always going out of her way (and out of the country) to source only the best products for her clients. I love how her salons are styled so beautifully and that they are sanitary and hygienic. All the girls that work there are so lovely and get to know you on a name basis which I love. Everyone is extensively trained by Ashley herself and its so great to hear that they are constantly learning and up-skilling. 

For me not only as a Woman but as a busy Mama it is so important to wake up and feel beautiful and with four young babes you can only imagine how time restricted I am, so when I wake up knowing that I feel so good I don't have to put any make up on you can only imagine how much that would mean to me. I call it selfie ready, anytime anywhere, I am ready THAT'S LITERALLY HOW AMAZING THEY ARE! And when I do wear make up OH EM GEE they look even better. I love that they are low maintenance all I have to do is brush them which I do everyday, once a day. I'm also quite conscious of them and try not to sleep on my face or rub my eyes too hard. I get a lot of people asking me all sorts of questions and I found all of the answers to them here.

If you are in Auckland and you are considering getting them I encourage you too 100% they have literally changed my life in so many ways, I feel so confident in my own skin, I hardly ever wear make up now because I feel like I don't have to. And don't worry if you live elsewhere she has the most stunning Ready to Wear Range which you can buy online here. If you are considering getting them done PLEASE do your research because if you go somewhere cheap and horrible that is exactly what you will get, when getting lashes you are allowing someone to touch your eyes so they need to be trained and know exactly what they are doing. If you do get your lashes done please let me know how you go and tag me in your pics you gals know I love hearing how lashes have now changed your life too.

Lots of Love,

Zoe xx