Three Beauty Products you need to know about

I always get asked what I use on my face so I thought I would share with you a few of my fav, go to, can't live without beauty products! These are products I love and use every time I do my make up whether is day or night time. When choosing products I love affordable, easy to use, good quality products.

Skin is super important to me and I personally like a full, long lasting coverage. My go to is the Mac Pro Long Wear Foundation I find it really moisturizing and it sits beautifully on my skin.


Brows are my ultimate holy grail is the Benefit Gimme Brow volumising gel! I love just being able to brush my brows and add colour and shape to them. A little bit goes a long way and I have fallen in love with how you can just brush as much or as little as you want and your done.


I never go without my Smash Box Halo Highlighter Wand it is the perfect amount of shimmer and best of all its so easy to use. I love the coverage because you can keep it nice and subtle or you can go 100 and if your like me and love highlight then this is your go to.

As a Make Up Artist I know how important looking and feeling good is and I absolutely love doing it as a job. But currently my full time job is a busy Mama of four so taking the time out for myself is super important. When was the last time you took time out for yourself? Make it today, you will feel incredible for it.

I hope you feel beautiful because you are.

Zoe xx