Westfield St Lukes Creche giving Mama's a break since 1972


Hey Babes, 

Baby Mamas, in particular, you are going to LOVE this just as much as your little ones will! Especially if you are living in Auckland, you love shopping up a storm at Westfield and you feel like you NEVER get a moment of peace! Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and have a break from the kids but organising a sitter isn't always possible and sometimes its just not worth all the prep and stress! Read on to find out how easy, simple and affordable it is so you can have some you time to yourself while the amazing team at the Westfield St Lukes Creche take extra special care of your little one or littles ones.

When we were asked to work with Westfield St Luke’s and try out their creche, of course, we jumped at the chance, Hubby actually had no idea that the creche existed so we were both looking forward to seeing if this could be a potential option for us for Henry and Theo. I know for me as a busy Mum taking the kids to the mall is honestly the last thing I want to do even when Hubby is with me so now that we know this is an option we are already planning our next break.

Before I begin with our experience which was amazing, I will start off by answering a few questions that I know you will already have. The Crèche is open from Monday through to Friday, 9am to 3.30pm. Children aged 2, 3 or 4 years can stay a maximum of two hours. The Crèche has set fees of $5.00 per child per one hour visit and $8.00 per two-hour visit. Discounts for siblings are available. There is also a concession card available for 10 x two-hour visits for $60. The Crèche is fully licensed with the Ministry of Education and all supervisory staff are qualified and registered ECE teachers. Why spend $10 on a toy to keep them quiet when you can spend $8 and get some serious peace and quiet time! Also From Monday 21 – Friday 25 May you’ll only pay for 1 hour at the Creche when your kids stay for 2 hours*.

On Friday we set off with the boys to try out the creche and they were super excited because we told them about all the fun games and toys they would play with so when they saw the bright outside area with a colourful playground, a big sandpit and lots and lots of toys they were off. On arrival, the door is locked and you ring a doorbell then one of the staff let you in. (Safety is 100 which we loved). We were greeted by the staff who were so friendly and made us feel comfortable straight away especially were told the crèche had been there for 45 years we were blown away! The staff were all so attentive and involved with all the children and what they were doing it was so nice to see.

On arrival, you have to sign in, leave your name and contact number so if you are needed they can just call you directly. We were shown around and had a little chat about whether they were potty trained and showed them the toilet and then we said our goodbyes and we were on our way. It was literally that simple. For us, this is a really big deal because we only have a few people that we leave our children with so, of course, we were naturally feeling a bit apprehensive but honestly it was easy and it felt really genuine so we knew Henry and Theo would be well taken care of and they absolutely were.

Off we went, two free parents without a care in the world ready to take on the mall! Lol I dashed off to Ashley Allen and as always I had the most amazing experience and for the first time ever it felt so good knowing I didn't have to rush home or worry. Hubby went straight to the food court and got himself some food and sat down in peace enjoying every mouthful. Once I was done we went and did a bit of shopping and sat down and had a coffee together and just talked it was honestly so nice.

When our two hours were up we went back to get them and we just stood there for about 5 minutes watching them play so nicely with the toy cars. They had a ball and did not want to leave. They grabbed our hands and took us outside to show us where their new birdie friends Cocoa and Mango were. They wanted to also show us how awesome the playground was decked out with a slide, monkey bars and a massive sandpit.

Then we went inside and were shown their drawings that were hanging and waiting especially for us. When we left they were very spoilt and got some special stamps and stickers. They were so happy we asked them if they wanted to come back and they said yes! And they have talked to us about it since then which makes me so happy!

Overall our experience was beyond amazing, our boys were happy and felt safe and honestly, that’s all that matters. I highly highly recommend using the Westfield St Lukes Creche, its time to take time for yourself.

Let me know in the comments if you are going to check it out or if youve used it before. 

Until next time,

Stay Blessed,

Zoe xx