Staying connected with Sparks new Spacetalk Watch


As a parent, I am super chilled and definitely a go with the flow Mama but when it comes to the safety of my kids like every parent we are absolutely OTT! So when Spark told us about the launch of the new SPACETALK watch that not only allows you to call your little honeys but you can also track exactly where they are I was like sign me up! I'm all about it LOL. It has incredible technology so that only you and the people you set up can contact them. I want them to wear it for the rest of their lives, I’m not that only Mama thinking that right? Not crazy at all, you're fine.

I am honestly amazed at technology these days, especially when it connects me with my babies. Love love love it! A few of the amazing features that first caught my eye were that it has a GPS locator on it where you can see your kids location in real time. Perfect for me while I am out at an event or business meeting it just puts my mind at rest. It would amazing if your little babe is at a friends house or has walked to school and you just want to make sure they are there safely. You can set safe zones for your kids which is perfect for us because the house we are currently renting isn't fully fenced and my biggest fear is them somehow opening the door and running down the drive. But with the SPACETALK watch, I’ve set a safe zone so when they leave that certain area it alerts me! How freaking amazing is that? I've set ours for the top of our driveway. AMAZING.

There's no social media, internet or camera which is perfect for us because there's absolutely no way they are ready for any of that. With Daddy being away at work now the kids really miss him so for them to be able to call him at any time is so good, it keeps them connected and is literally a swipe and a click away super easy for them to use even at 4 years old. Mummy is also busy with meetings and events so I love just being able to quickly call them and say good night. there's an SOS button on it so if they are ever in danger they just click it and it alerts us straight away

We love the alarm clocks on them too, we have it set for morning and night as a little reminder for them to brush their teeth and it’s so cute when they hear it, you can hear them talking to each other and running off to the bathroom. There's also a set counter which is so cool, its tell them exactly how many steps they've taken and we play a little game to see who can get the most steps, win-win or all of us we get to spend time together playing a little game and also exercising!

Best part of it all is that you are in control of everything, you can disable and enable features as you please, you make the watch work for you and your children so it's not a distraction but an amazing tool to keep you connected. I love that you can decide when and where they can use them and what they can use them for. There are so many worries as a parent and I love how these eliminate a few of them. The watches are interactive and look really cool too! The boys feel so special with their new watches and take such good care of them. They call each other and it's just the cutest! With Christmas coming this would be the perfect gift, they retail for $399 and the watch also comes with a $7.99 monthly plan. The watch is managed by an app called All My Tribe – which is an additional $6.99 per month. To buy a watch (in pink, teal or grey) head into any Spark store nationwide or go online. You can also pay them off 24 months interest-free, LOVE.

I hoped you loved reading about Sparks new SPACETALK Watch and a massive thank you to Spark for sponsoring this blog post. If you want to learn more head to

Stay Blessed,

Mama Zoe xx

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