Why our Springfree Trampoline is LIFE!

Hey babes,

Welcome, welcome, welcome! You are here because you want to know all about our new baby, our Springfree Trampoline. As parents we all want the best for our kids but we also want what’s best for them. After Henry’s accident which I will briefly touch on so you know why getting our Springfree was so important to us. We didn’t realise until we started working with Springfree is that there is no longer a standard when it comes to importing Trampolines into NZ. So that basically means anyone can bring in any Trampoline and sell it, even though they know that they aren’t safe. Springfree are all about Safety so much so that Dr Keith Alexander reengineered the trampoline to eliminate 90% of the impact areas that cause product related injuries. Springfree are also the only trampoline brand (of 7 that were tested) that passed all safety tests in 2017, by Consumer NZ. We all love a company that genuinely cares about their customers and not just money and that makes us love them even more.

So here’s out story, My amazing Mama and G-Ma took us out shopping to buy a Trampoline for the kids for Christmas 2017 and after shopping around for a while we found one on sale at Toy World for $500 which in my opinion isn’t cheap especially when we saw some at Kmart and The Warehouse for just half the price (we didn’t know about Springfree at the time). But we decided to go with the Toy World one because of the reputable brand we thought it would be the safest out of the three. When we first set it up and when I mean we, Hubby and I, it took HOURS! At first the kids loved it but they quickly got over it and in literally a couple of months it has started to fall apart. The netting was sagging and poles started to bend and it wasn’t as bouncy if that makes sense. It honestly just felt cheap, budget and really unsafe! We instantly knew we needed to get rid of it but it was just added to the list of things to do.

7 months on the kids barely played on it unless their Uncle Levi was up. And one weekend he was and him, Henry and Theo were outside playing and while Henry was running around on it he fell, landed wrong and broke his leg. We were so shocked it was broken because it was like there was little to no force at all. He ended up spending 6 weeks in a cast and was petrified to go near it again. So that was the end of that Tramp (sorry Ma).

We knew Summer was coming and we didn’t want him lose his love for jumping on the tramp and we had also been going to Jump lots to get them active, out of the house and somewhere enclosed. So that week we ordered a new Springfree Jumbo Round Trampoline to arrive just a couple of weeks after Henry was due to take his cast off. It was such an easy process we just went online and ordered what we wanted and sorted a delivery date. They have all sorts of accessories as well with our favs being the FlexrHoop and ball (the kids LOVE it) and the tgoma which is INCREDIBLE! You just need a tablet, the app (which is free to download!) and your tgoma and you are good to go. It just connects through the Four sensors on the Trampoline so you can play the coolest games which aren’t just for the kids (inserts Monkey face emoji).

When we ordered our Springfree we opted to get the installation for a little bit extra, it’s that simple! No spending hours setting it up and reading instructions (or not reading instructions like our first time and having to redo everything) It’s all done for you and it doesn’t take long at all maybe around an hour if that. Of course, it comes with instructions and there are helpful Installation Videos here which show you how to install your Springfree if you like that kind of thing. We also took that time to ask any questions we had which our guy was happy to answer.

Once it’s up you are good to go, and honestly the look on the kids’ faces (especially Henry’s) when they all saw this MASSIVE Trampoline was so freaking cute! To this day they all still absolutely love it, they are on it every single day without fail, unless its pouring and I mean pouring down with rain. It comes with an easy access zip and a padlock to keep them in there nice and safely. (Imagine all the coffees you can drink in peace while watching them jumping or trying to crack the code HAHA!) The quality, make and model is honestly NEXT LEVEL As soon as we saw it and jumped on it we were blown away by the quality it’s the Porsche of Trampolines, top of the line, the BEST! Oh, and every new Springfree comes with a 10-year warranty, ON THE WHOLE TRAMP!

There are so many different sizes and the prices vary with size and to accommodate all different wants, needs, yards and budgets. It’s definitely an investment and I know the price point can be a make or break people’s decisions whether or not to buy it because anything in the $1000’s or more in a one off payment can be a lot. But what I will say, is we paid $500 for a Trampoline that lasted us a few months and it gave us nowhere near as much fun, time and satisfaction as our Springfree does, imagine if we just paid that bit extra we would’ve saved money in the long run. (Mum and Dad couldn’t even jump on our last one, we thought it would break LOL) Our Springfree hold up to 500kg! And there are payment options like Layby and Interest Free Finance available which is so good!

We genuinely love our Trampoline so much and it has honestly been the biggest blessing working alongside Springfree and helping them to spread the word and being able to give our honest feedback on all the products. If there was one thing we could change out of anything it would be that we got one sooner. I’ve had messages telling me you’ve had yours for 8-10 years and still going strong, which is so awesome to hear! If you do end up investing in one for your family please use our code to get a Free FlexrStep worth $89 they are the best.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog babes.

Lots of love,

Mama Zoe xx

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