Essential Newborn Items


One of my most highly requested blogs is finally here. Sorry guys it only took me almost 8 months to get done but you know Mum Life LOL. I am so excited to share with you all a few of my "MUST HAVE" essential items that have made that Newborn stage just a little bit easier.

  • BABY SWINGS- these have been and are still a must have for us. Whenever we need to do anything we just pop them in their swing clipped them in and turned on the white noise and away they rocked. About 8 times out of 10 they would fall sleep and still do! The ones we use are Ingenuity from The Baby Factory. Also a little tip they might not like them at first but keep trying they will eventually get use to them and love them.
  • CAPSULE COVERS- Worry no more because these little gems are so amazing. We got our capsule covers from Little and Loco and seriously they were a life saver. We never had to worry about our babes getting swept with wind or rained on, it even kept them safe from all the germy hands wanting to grab and touch them while we were out and about. Trust me you need them!
  • SWADDLES are a huge deal for us! We have always swaddled all of our babies, Hubby is to this day the swaddle king. Hes done a "How to Swaddle your Baby" tutorial on Instagram and the full version is on Youtube. In summer we used the Legs out Swaddle from Global Baby which were amazing because it kept them nice and snug up the top and then their cute little legs were hanging out the bottom. We also used this amazing wraps from Fisher and Price which made them look like little burritos they were a gift so unsure of where they are from but they were definitely my most asked about item. We used normal Muslim wraps you can check out hubby's video here to see how to wrap your baby using them. Our Muslin wraps were purchase from The Baby Factory and Nature Baby and we got the big ones and 6 months on they are still using them.
  • WOOL BABE SLEEPING BAG we got a 3 seasons weight and it is so amazing our little babes are toasty warm even on the coldest nights. I'm so tempted to get a duvet weight one now that its a little bit colder. I think they are an amazing investment, the size you want to go for is 3-24 months because they will last you such a long time. You can buy them from The Sleep Store.
  • BABY MONITOR is a must have! It gives you peace of mind knowing that you can see and hear your baby at anytime. We have the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor, MBP36S and we absolutely love it. You can play Music, talk to them through it and see them and zoom in on them and you can even tell the temperature in the room. We got ours on sale at Farmers.

What were your go to Essential Newborn Items? Enjoy those cuddles Mamas they grow up so fast.

Zoe xx