Our Fun Filled Day At Whoa Studios

On the weekend we had the opportunity to take our kiddies on a little adventure to Whoa studios in Henderson, Auckland. We went with our amazing friends "The Uhila Collective who have four sets of twins plus one. You can keep up to date with them by following them on Facebook and Instagram @theuhilacollective . Between our two families we had 14 children as my 11 year old brother came to. Can someone please award us a medal.

When we arrived, there was a car park but it was packed and we had to park down a side street. We took a short stroll and there we were. As you walk in there is beautiful greenery everywhere (perfect place to get a photo for the gram). The vibe as we walked in was awesome, the colorful play grounds were vibrant filled with children of all ages running around, parents watching on having the best time. I loved that there were staff members scattered around the playgrounds keeping an eye on things and keeping the place tidy.

We by passed the playgrounds and went straight inside as we had booked in to see "The Doods Dance Show" it is an interactive show with a cross between the Muppets and Despicable me (so pretty freaking awesome as our boys love Despicable me). In our usual style we were running a little late but got to catch most of the show. The show was amazing, lots of interesting characters, heaps of dancing and there was a projector screen so every could sing along. All of our kids had a ball laughing, dancing and singing and seemed pretty amazed at the whole show. Harlow and Noah stayed fast asleep in our arms with not a care in the world and not a clue about what was going on around them. Thank you Babies!


Once the show was finished we were lucky enough to all have VIP passes and go backstage which was pretty cool. The writer and director of the show showed us all of the incredible props and artwork they used to make the show the detail on everything is mindblowing. I highly recommend doing this if you have older children my little brother Levi who is 11 couldn't stop raving about it when we left. It was amazing to see how much time and effort actually went in to making the show what it was. We also got to meet some of the cast and have photos to which some of the kiddies loved and some not so much.

Wohoo! Time for the Park. There were two parts to it one was the Mesh Playground which is a massive climbing net, it is brightly colored and so beautifully designed you have to see it for yourself. The other was the Adventure playground which had a Rocket Ship and Mission Control, the Dragons Castle and the Pirates Cove and best of all they are all Movie Set Quality. We arrived at 11am and didn't leave till 3.30pm so you can imagine the fun that was had. It was all so well designed that we didn't have to run around after all the kids or worry about where they were. Us four adults even got to relax and enjoy a coffee, what a miracle! 

Would I recommend going there? Yes 100%, it is such an amazing day out for families of all ages. They have everything you need on site. If you want food there is an eatery called The grounds which has an amazing menu decked out with lots of fresh and decadent food and fresh pressed juices. We decided that we wouldn't eat there because you can imagine it would have cost a small fortune and maybe a set of twins to feed 14 people! One thing I did love is that you can have a glass of wine while watching your kids play, next time I go that's me! They ask that you don't bring your own food onto the premises but you are able to take snacks in for 2 year olds and under.

You definitely need to go and check it out for yourselves, we had a great time and so did all of our kids they absolutely loved it, from the moment they stepped foot on the playground that was them for the day. The facilities are beautiful and brand new and so well maintained, all the staff are all really friendly and helpful and everything is kept nice, clean and green.

Thanks for having us Whoa Studios we will be back again for sure. You can follow @whoastudios on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with events and shows. Here is a link to their website https://whoastudios.co.nz/ for all pricing and other information.