Those first precious moments

After 9 long exhausting months you finally get to meet your little bundle of joy or in our case bundles of joy and of course everyone is so excited to meet and see them. This is all absolutely amazing and so wanted but here are a few things Hubby and I came up with that were really important to us when Henry and Theo were first born.

I thought this was one just common knowledge but after the horror stories I've been told obviously it isn't. NEVER and I repeat never announce the arrival of someone else's offspring on social media, if they haven't posted anything then just wait until they do.

If you want to visit always text and organise a time, don't just turn up. Birthing a baby is exhausting and looking after them is even more tiring so unexpected visitors are always overwhelming and stressful.

Be considerate and wash your hands as soon as you arrive. Some people are more pedantic than others but this is just a nice gesture to the parents and it shows your are fully ready for cuddles.

If you want to take pictures make sure it's alright with Mum and Dad first and if you want to post them on social media always ask permission.

If you are a smoker don't smoke right before you come over and don't smoke when you are over either. Smoking anywhere near or around new babies is the worst thing ever, even just having stale smoke is yuck and its awkward for some people to say no.

Don't ask if they want any food just bring it! (Maybe just ask about dietary requirements) It will so be appreciated and you will be the best thing since sliced bread. The last thing you are thinking about with a newborn is feeding yourself so food is definitely a lifesaver especially when you don't have to prepare it. Something that can be heated up or quickly made it the best.

Kisses and cuddles are so welcome and so important but please don't kiss them on the lips and don't put fingers in their mouth to soothe them it's just gross.

Last but not least make it short and sweet. Don't go over and stay for hours unless it's requested. Come over have cuddles, have a cuppa, offer to put a load of washing on, do the dishes or when holding baby even ask them if they want to have a nap and get some rest. There is seriously nothing worse than having people stay for hours on end when you are exhausted and just want to sleep and especially if you haven't bought food and they end up cooking for you!

This all sounds pretty intense but having a new baby is intense in itself and without all the added pressure these little things will be so appreciated by any new parents.


Zoe x