Writing Postcards to Santa

Oh the good old days of writing a letter to Santa, putting it into an envelope, getting your stamp and dropping it off to the post box are really bringing back some memories for me. Fast forward 20 years and the thought of doing that with four little ones in tow literally sends me into a spin and gives me the serious LOLS, as if Christmas isn't stressful enough!

Do not fear though because this is something you no longer have to stress about as I have the perfect solution (Well NZ Post does not me!) With just a couple of clicks you can now create the most incredible personalised postcard for Santa, all online, you don't have to go anywhere to do it! And the best part, wait for it.... drum roll please!! HE WRITES BACK! #dreamcometrue 

Its super easy to do, just head to www.nzpost.co.nz/writetosanta and follow their super simple instructions and get ready to have a blast with your little ones! They even get to decorate their own postcard, send him a little note and even tell him what they want for Christmas. I might have had too much fun and created my own letter to Santa AKA Hubby (hint hint). Lets hope he listens!


Writing this letter to Santa really got me thinking about Christmas and what it means to me. And it truly is the little things like this that make Christmas really special. In our house we make it our number one priority to make Christmas all about family and take out the time to appreciate all that we are and all that we have. We love making memories and spending quality time together and this was the perfect way to start off the Christmas Season. So thanks NZ Post!